About Studio OLA 

Studio OLA is a Winnipeg-based architectural interior design studio that specializes in commercial and residential projects. The studio is owned and run by interior designer, Tanya Peters.    

The purpose of Studio OLA is to build interiors that speak to the human experience, to design spaces that are engaging, and to create places where people feel comfortable. The work of Studio OLA is rooted in the local while referencing the standards and influences of international design. Focus is placed on building a quality of space and Studio OLA strives to provide clients with elegant and functional interiors that embody a natural simplicity.

Studio OLA holds great respect for the natural world and is mindful of evolving practices that promote the building of healthy spaces. Environmental stewardship is observed through having a high regard for original architectural elements and by selecting materials that have lasting value. 

Studio OLA believes in the power of collaboration and works closely with clients to develop collective design solutions.       

About Tanya Peters / BA, MID

Tanya has a Masters Degree in Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. Before establishing Studio OLA, Tanya worked as a Project Director and Designer at Wanda Koop Studio while also working independently on various commercial and residential design projects. 

Tanya's work and life experiences have allowed her to travel extensively throughout Europe, as well as the Middle-East, Africa, India, and across Canada and the United States. Living in Brazil for several years also had an effect on her developing a world-influenced design aesthetic.

Tanya often works out the concepts of form, space, function, and colour on the potters wheel. Tanya is continually interested in exploring the space between art and design and her work is the manifestation of these and many other curiosities.